Yup, nothing like a birthday to send my mind-weasels off into too many directions. I realized I’ve been hard on my body all these years and if I live to 80 (conservative estimate if I can change some habits), then I’m almost half way there already…

What the heck!?

I mean, what the heck have I been doing all of these years? I know, I know…

  • Kids when I was too young
  • Working long hours to create a career
  • Trying to figure out me
  • Taking care of Mom
  • Catastrophes like fires and floods

Life is what it is, I try to never complain – but here I am trying to figure out who I want to be. I feel like I keep missing out on things I meant to do because I keep reacting to my life…but for the past couple of years the bumps in the road have been smaller. They’re no less distracting, but their SMALLER.

So I’m kicking off my 39th year on this rock with some focus on me.

First – Starting to use #SelfJournal to setup my goals and work on them daily. It uses periodization techniques to put your priorities into a bit of a plan. While initially I’m reluctant to do so, I’ve been working with my clients to find a way to apply the same idea. Read “12 Week Year”, it’s exciting for any of my self-development peeps out there. So these next 13 weeks include the following.

  1. Result Goal – Get under 215 lbs – This goal is to get healthier so no smoking, exercising at least 3 times per week, and focus on portions/quality.
  2. Result Goal – Build $1,000 in Savings – This is focusing on our finances: Pay off some smaller debt, “pay myself first”, update budget every week.
  3. Result Goal – Take time for Me – This sounds selfish but I’ve noticed I’m stretched out and not having the quality in my life I want. I need to write something twice a week, spend 30 minutes per day on my college classes, and read a two books per month.

Okay, so totally sounds boring and like I’m actually getting old, right!?  But I think about it and realize in all my studies about leadership, communication, behavioral physics, and living life to the fullest, writing down your plan is one of the best ways to change habits.

I don’t know if I’m coming out as a butterfly afterwards, but I sure as heck don’t want to be in the same place in my life for the next 40 years. Time for a new me, one that is by my design and not an order taker, but someone who looks to make the most out of everything I can be.  For myself, for my family, for my friends and communities.