I mentioned in my first post, Hand-Shaking, Baby-Kissing, that I’m not writing this for readers. I needed my own little therapy session and this blog seemed like a different way to process the random junk in my brain pan. “Tell me about your mother…” might not be the best way to start every conversation, especially if you’ve been with me for awhile, 2015 had a lot about her.

I just noticed it has been three years.  THREE FREAKING YEARS!?

For those that started with me, I still can’t believe you’re here – What is wrong with you!?!

That’s about the moment the Wife Unit slides an article in front of me about impostor syndrome. If you’re like me, you may have difficulty internalizing you accomplishments. If you’re like me, you’ll probably go out and buy a few books on how to overcome it.

Then again, if you’re anything like me, you may take the rebellious approach and say to yourself, “I’m not going to go chasing this rabbit hole.”  But you and I know the truth, you’ll fight it for a bit, couple of years from now come across some other article and then you’ll end up with the books you left on your Amazon wish list. SQUIRREL

For now, live in the comfortable blanket of labels and just keep trying.

BUT – I STILL CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHY PEOPLE READ THIS SCHTUFF!?  And this isn’t on you, the reader, to respond. I figured I’d give this thing a try and it’s been surreal to have comments or replies or people catching me and saying, “hey, I like your blog.”

If you’re going to keep on giving me hope, I promise you – I WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

…like um

…keep putting words together in semi-coherent lines that add up to paragraphs with hopefully a thoughtful moment and some crass humor thrown in.  <head down, shuffles feet with hands in pockets>

Thank you for following. Thank you for letting me use you as my own personal sounding board. Thank you for allowing me to put this schtuff out there into the etheral internet.

Oh…and a special thanks to the Wife Unit, Teen, Warrior, and Little Miss. First – you tolerate me like no one else.  Probably because of the second reason – You love me. Aww schucks.