I haven’t written for a while because I cannot find a way to express my anger in a way that I feel moves forward. I’m stuck. I’m angry.

Because if our society was a child right now (and I feel that is an insult to children everywhere, so please forgive me), I would ground us from Facebook and give extra chores.

We are throwing a tantrum every day because things aren’t going the way we want. Kicking and screaming at something we created, through apathy and ignorance.

When asked what is wrong with us, we point our fingers to the Window where we see everything else as being the problem. Like parents who didn’t give us that pony, we blame our problems on others.

WE ARE THE PROBLEM. When my children do something I don’t just say “kids suck”. I recognize that my children are a product of me and I can change the example I’m leading them down. I use the Mirror and don’t blame TV, schools, government, or the system around us. I try to take ownership and say, “This isn’t what I wanted to give them.” Then I try to change.

And here we are holding others accountable to our measure, yet we don’t change. It’s like our kids having a bad attitude, but they only learned it from us.

I am finding my anger getting worse and worse. I want to keep trying to help people have new eyes and see the world for what it could be. I’ve written this post a half dozen times, trying to offer a solution. I’ve deleted it half a dozen times because I can’t find the right words.

We are living in a world where WE have the power, but we give it up because it’s hard. It’s hard to accept that we may not have the right answers and so very few people challenge the status quo. Me included, I know I don’t stand aside, I know I’m part of this problem.

Mirrors and Windows – Seriously take a look in the mirror for what is wrong and look out your window to see people as what they could be. I’m mad and no matter the results of the current election, I still have a job to do – to help lift others, to help them find the best of what they could be, to work to provide an example of love. If you’re not doing this, then get out of the way. If you’re not interested in having conversation and more comfortable with touting the problems of the world on everyone else, then you need to ground yourself.

Because at the end of the day, we need to own our lives. As the grown-ups, we are the only ones with a choice to push the child-like society forward. To help it become better. If we are the problem, then we need to change. To look in the mirror and become the parent to the future we want.