My Mom was one of the greats.

She never coddled me when I was hurt or hugged me when I was scared.

She lost her temper often when I was young and could make a sailor blush with her choice of words.  She was strict and yet she was too loose with guidance.

She really wasn’t an amazing cook.  Her house was usually somewhat in disarray.  She wasn’t a great driver as she totaled several vehicles in her life.

She was great because throughout all of that she was loyal and passion burned inside of her.  For those she loved, they became family.  She didn’t have time for ignorance or unfair treatment.  She was a rebel, always following what she felt was true and right.  A warrior that fought the good fight against injustice.

While too young when she became a parent, she grew up with her children.  So yeah, lots of “learning opportunities”.

She gave us a chance to fall on our faces and pick ourselves back up again.

And she taught us to love, no matter how hard or difficult it would be.

She showed us that tenacity is a creed; a promise that today might be bad but keep at it.

My Mom was one of the greats because no matter how much crap life threw at her, she raised two incredible kids who are making a difference in a world that doesn’t want to fix itself.

You’ll be missed.

In memory, Sherry Olson, 1961 – 2015