I’m 37 and in my book, that’s not very old.  Little Miss confirms my assumption – she thinks of “old” as Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma so I feel that at 9 years old, she has a strong handle on the situation.

There are events that happen in our life though, that trigger this idea that we are now “all growed up”.  When we buy our first car, when we buy our first home, have a baby, stop playing video games, etc.  It’s funny how the list just keeps building.

So here is my sucker in the dirt moment – I DON’T WANNA GROW UP!

And yet a few days ago, I handed the keys to the Teen and I felt like HIGH-FIVING MY FACE WITH A SHOVEL!

He’s done well and I hope he’ll continue to improve with this new found responsibility…but seriously!?  I remember him chasing butterflies around and I still see his little pudgy face smiling at me over ice cream.

Yet here’s this 16 year old kid, tall as me and full of energy – driving off into the world without me.

I’m not old yet, but I ain’t the young one anymore.