I started writing this out, had a whole post and everything ready and realized I wasn’t being true to myself…So I’m trying a second time – caution, I am pissed off so my vocabulary is full of colorful language.

What the fuck!?

What the ACTUAL FUCK? I’m talking to the person who wants to leak out of their mouth-hole regarding what their “normal” is an how everyone should think the same.

SHUT YER PIE HOLES. You haven’t been given some all mighty permission to pass judgement on ANYONE’s lives, for any reason.

Let’s knock the obvious out of the way first – Most people I see poking their nose around in others’ business will typically identify as Christian, or they have some faith they follow. AND BEFORE YOUR UNDERWEAR TWISTS UP IN KNOTS, I know an incredible number of beautiful people who are Christian and don’t pull this shit so stuff it. I call this out because this appears to be one of the main points of contention between “them” and “us”.

Actually, let’s start there – underwear. And we will build on it so hang with me – You like boxers, you like briefs…cool cool. You like t-back, thongs, hipster, bikini, boyshorts, going commando, g-string, brief, high-cut, french-cut…same response…cool. (Actually, can someone help me understand french-cut?) You identify as a female and want to wear boxers? Cool. You identify as male and want to wear lace because you feel sexy? Cool.

See that’s not so hard. Why would I ever care about your underwear choices? If you like it, awesome. Really, I mean it, I want you to be the best version of you and more power to you if you discovered silk on your skin is beautiful.

I started there first for anyone not sure what’s going on…see it’s easy for people to look at things that are obvious and agree – it doesn’t matter. Sure, some old dudes will probably get their own knickers in a twist when someone wears something that doesn’t make sense to their “normal”. And it’s easier to use underwear as the starting point – most other people may never know what you’re wearing. So let’s step it up to something a little harder for some people to get over.

Pineapple on pizza
Scrambled eggs
90s retro ANYTHING
Best super hero
Favorite food
“Same sex” marriages
Gender identities
Polyamory relationships

See that list – it’s not all-inclusive of course. AND I’m not creating that list to say all of these things are at the same level of importance to me or should be to anyone. I would never intend to say that someone’s gender preferences are equivalent to their choices of pizza – I am trying to break in the “normative” people reading this that these all have the same question: WHAT THE FUCK DOES ANY OF THIS HAVE TO DO WITH YOU!?

You don’t like pineapple, fine…don’t eat it. You’re not having strong feelings for someone with the same genitals, okay – don’t ask them out. You can’t understand how someone is different than you, okay so what?

The next part is the hard part for some – So after you’ve recognized that someone else is different from your established, stuck, stodgy, sexist, ableist, homophobic, misogynistic, outdated, one-sided, blind, OPINION of things, I want you to shut the fuck up. Seriously, shut the fuck up.

BECAUSE we have so little time on this rock, you and your opinion about how others should live their lives really doesn’t matter. AT ALL. You do you, but realize the only thing you’re doing instead of loving your neighbor…IS SIMPLY BEING AN ASSHOLE.

BUT BUT BUT….NOPE, NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP. No butts other than your asshole is talking out loud.

I get it, sometimes different is hard to understand and at some point in your life someone told you you should have share your opinion with everyone. I’m telling you to KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF.

I love when everyone can come to the table with ideas on how to improve our communities, even our world. But if for one FUCKING MOMENT your mind says that people who aren’t like you should live like you…if you EVEN TRY TO SHOVE YOUR BELIEFS ONTO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING without compassion, understanding, love, and simply respect…then I have a simple judgement for you, FUCK YOU AND THE DYING WORLD YOU BELIEVE IN.

Because I believe in a world, full of people who’s skin is beautiful. Where a person is free to express themselves through their love, their passions, and their hopes and dreams. I believe in a world where a person can spend time being themselves and not hiding from you, the asshole.