Where to start…thumbing through the brain files

OOooh, yeah with the Queens Gambit! Love this show, this little bubble of a nugget. So many wonderful stories but not too heavy on the addiction tone. Get to see some beautiful wardrobes, amazing acting, and CHESS! WHO DOESN’T LIKE CHESS!?

Let’s see, what else do I have in here

Polarization of our country…eek, that’s heavy. Even getting rid of the conspiracy theories around the election itself, you still have people worked up about a government that actually hasn’t cared about them but they’ll remain true to whoever is controlling their feed.

Thumbing thumbing thumbing

Pandemic…Yeah…that’s a huge thing to worry about. Ugh…wear a freakin’ mask people, give our hospitals a chance.

What’s this back here? Ohhh, that’s right, this became the “-ism” drawer…racism, classism, sexism, classism, ableism


So let me get this straight – We have an administration that appears to be bent on creating this US versus THEM mentality where both sides point fingers while remembering THE WAY IT WAS in their lives, completely ignoring the fact that EVERY GENERATION THINKS THEIR’S IS THE BEST. Where one side says the people who disagree with them are just “sheeple” while their own social media and sudden expertise using Google are all designed to reinforce their own thoughts while simultaneously using computers to figure out how to get more clicks therefore increasing profitability of the already rich class who appear to want nothing more than insulating their own needs without stepping out from their bubble to help our world get better. Where parents are ridiculed if they work or if they stay home, where there isn’t a right answer even if science and math are absolute any more because YOU DON’T LIKE THE ANSWER, where our teachers struggle to become everything to our children because we have become less, where if someone actually gets a helping hand someone else will argue that they MUST HAVE MORE BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T GET ANYTHING. Where everyone is a label, no one listens anyways, why do we even try…

Because our own little bubbles are so comfortable, we have lost empathy for our neighbors.

Because we don’t want to think about the work it would take to learn why my friends fear for their lives when their skin is different, people they aren’t allowed to love, or the true person that their physical parts don’t match.

Because we cannot seem to love without conditions. Ourselves, our neighbors, or anything different.

Slams the drawer, throws papers in the air, pulls out phone for a distraction…

But yeah, let’s hate on each other instead…