I usually try to write posts that are intended to be the thoughts in my mind and with only a little consideration to those of you curious enough to read them. This time, I am using this media to address something that has been pissing me off for the last year, and has really come to a head these past few weeks.

My Daughter, no longer Little Miss but now Turbo, is going to Scout Camp.

No, not Girl Scout Camp. Scout Camp as part of the BSA, traditionally known as Boy Scouts of America. If you haven’t kept up, and that’s okay it may not be on your radar, BSA polled families a few years ago and in an effort to provide a family friendly environment, has expanded its membership to include females in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Turbo’s scout troop is the first female troop in our Council, mostly started with sisters of our boys who they have grown up around scouting in their lives, my daughter included.

“Oh so she’s a Girl Scout?” No

“Why can’t they just keep them separate, there’s already Girl Scouts?” First, people like me replied to the poll that we would like to participate as a family. Secondly, in my opinion, Girl Scouts of America did not offer the same program.

“Why doesn’t someone just fix Girl Scouts then?” I don’t know. Nor do I have the time and energy to “fix” an organization or society to meet those things I want for my daughter. Let me be clear on this point – Turbo would be an adult by the time all of this might get to a place where we could have adventures like this. AND WE TRIED 3 DIFFERENT GIRL SCOUT TROOPS, the last being the best and still it didn’t meet our needs!!! I even researched becoming a leader in Girl Scouts and had people express their disgust that I wanted my daughter to “get dirty like the boys.”

Add to that problem the number of Girl Scout Camps versus the options for Boy Scout Camps…go ahead and search both to see what options Turbo would have. I’ll wait.

So now I am a pissed off Dad – And here is where my language will not be as nice so please feel free to stop reading now.


Trying to set an appointment for Turbo’s scout physical she needs before camp, nurse says, “I just don’t understand all this women’s movement stuff, why can they just stay in their lanes.” THEIR LANES!?!? I didn’t even ask as I was under the gun to get the appointment and she was the hurdle between success and failure. I took the high road and offered my perspectives (previously noted) and even agreed with her that it was crap that Girl Scouts didn’t have the program Turbo and I wanted to be part of.

Turbo lives the Scout Law and Motto since she started being able to talk. She grew up with her brothers doing all the things she was interested in. And there were times her limited ability to participate out-shown every “boy” scout around her.

Yes, I wish there was a different story to tell. I’m not bashing Girl Scouts or any of their volunteers (both organizations are made up of). It was not the world I was trying to show my daughter.

The world I wanted to put in front of ALL of my children – Brave to try something different. Friendly and Kind to all. Cheerful and Courteous to others.

So if your response to hearing someone’s daughter is a “Boy Scout” is to throw your sucker in the dirt about change and genders being separate – I want you to do me a favor. First, remember that we are all trying to help our kids become the best versions of themselves. Secondly, I want you to shut the f*ck up.