Lately, I have had this conversation with almost a dozen people in just a couple of months – both in my professional and personal relationships.

“But I can’t just DO THAT!”

Yep, you can.  You still have a choice.

Let’s take some extreme examples:

“I don’t want to pay taxes!” Then move to the mountains or a foreign island, learn to grow your own food and live off the grid.

“I don’t have the time!” Stop doing all those other things and simply say “No” to anything, anyone.  Quit your job and don’t worry about the house cleaning.

“I don’t like where I live/work!” Then MOVE!

“But I don’t have the money!” Then figure out how to get the money!

Here’s the bull that you’ve been fed: Everything is easy.  It’s not. It won’t be. Stop blaming the rest of the world for what you can’t do.  Seriously!  You may not like this message and few of your closest friends will throw it down in front of you.

If there is something you want to accomplish, then figure out what it will take to get there and put everything you have into it.  Your kids will look up to your dedication and learn that you have the choice, the power to make things happen.  You simply cannot go around doing the same things you have for however long, and thinking the situation is going to change.

“But I’ve tried and it didn’t work!”  The first time?  How about the second?  How about the twentieth?

If you believe you don’t have a choice, then you’ve given that power up to someone else. I don’t like the current division across our country.  So what can I do about it?  What CHOICES do I have?

I can choose to help my neighbors and my community.  Take care of others around me and if most of us do this, it could just result in a revolution of change THAT DOESN’T WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO MAKE MY CHOICE.

We seem to be holding our breath, waiting for someone that we perceive has the power to make our lives better.

WE have the CHOICE. It might be hard. It might be full of challenges.  It might feel like we don’t have the power.

Get off your couch, get over your excuses, put down the screen and get to where you want to go. Make the CHOICE.