Do it.  Now.  What do you want?  PERMISSION!?!  Then you’re not doing it.

See you and I have been waiting for permission from someone out there – not even sure the who the heck it is – but someone was supposed to tell me to stop worrying about the little stuff and focus on the big things.  I’m tired of waiting for that person to show up, I’m just going get all rude up in here and do what I want to do.  Besides, what are we waiting for!?!

I want to be more organized around budgeting and meal planning so we have more money and less last minute headaches…

I am not healthy, but I’ll start focusing on that when my doctor says, “It’s too late, you have a year maybe…”

Or when we have more money, then we’ll take the kids on trips; The Teen graduates high school this year.  No it isn’t the end, but damn that time flew by quick…

I have been so focused on doing the things I thought would lead to a better life for my family that I have neglected them in the present and my own desires.

Whoever this imaginary gatekeeper to our dreams is, needs to be kicked in the junk and tossed into a garbage can upside down.  It is rude to hold us hostage to some outdated idea of what love, life, and the pursuit of happiness might be.

So, I’m going to decide what my plan is.  I’m going to break it down into smaller parts so I can work through it, one step at a time.  And that little voice that talks me out of things…IS GETTING THE BIGGEST CAN OF WHOOP ASS IT COULD ONLY HAVE IMAGINED.

Time we owned this and banged against the doors of telling us what we should be.