If you have read anything of this self-centered blog o’mine, you may have picked up on something – I am a self-analytical, behavioral physics enthusiast.  (I hope you got that, otherwise I’m just the weird guy that talks to himself through the web)

I have read a lot of different books.  Leadership, discipline, habits, having crucial conversations, etc.  It’s because I feel I could be better in how I relate to our species.  And if you’re anyone like me, you’ve probably already read Dale Carnegie’s, “How to Win Friends & Influence People.”  I never did and try not to subscribe to mainstream fads…Except there might be a reason why this book is still touted as a “must” even though it was published in 1936.

!!!  I’m going to give you a warning!!!  If you’re a person that reads something and tries to literally pick every semantic apart and then find fault, you will not like this book – stop reading this blog.  Right now.  See you later and thank you.

I wanted to find some reviews I could quote about this book and I was really intrigued by all the different perspectives.  If you think this book will help you make friends, then you’re looking in the wrong rabbit hole.  In my opinion, this book is about how to set a stage for success in your personal and professional lives.  Other words – smooth some of your personality wrinkles.

One of the things that stuck out to me the first time I read it was that I don’t always have to be right.  The author relates the story around how he attended a dinner one night and a very loud man made a statement that he quoted was from the bible.  The author argued with him and then requested help from his Shakespeare expert.  When the expert agreed with the loud man, the author later asks him why – what would arguing have accomplished?  At the end, being right isn’t always a “win”, it can simply make you look like an ass.

I love it – and so I’m going to start a weekly post about each of the sections.  If you’re interested, I ask you to join me on this journey.  Who knows, could be fun!

If you want to read the book, pick up a copy and walk with me.  If you don’t want to read it, then here you will find my notes.  If you think this is a bunch of muckety muck and yet you feel some part of you looking to change your own story in life, hang out with me.  Could be fun.