Usually, I’m writing in this blog to help me articulate my own thoughts and I hope others might find a different way of looking at this world of ours through different eyes.  Today, I’m writing for you.  For your friends, your family, your bills, your hopes, your dreams, and all that other stuff.

When do you plan to die?

Depressing question, right?  But unless you have a direct line to whatever forces that be and can schedule in your passing right after your weekly hair appointment, I doubt you know this answer.  Funny enough, us “young ‘uns” think we’re immortal and will never die before we’re old.  So we’ve got plenty of time right?

Now go read a newspaper or look at your newsfeeds – and tell me how many people in there have recently experienced a death of a person under the age of 50.  Then tell me you have time…because we don’t think about this stuff until it’s too late.


For those in the know of my life story, my Mom recently passed.  While we kept with a very simple service and cremation, the price of just the Funeral Home (which by the way they were freaking amazing, I never knew what a Funeral Home does, but wow!) was almost $6,000.  My area, I think that may be on the low end so you’ll want to know what it costs in your area.  I know there are ways to reduce this cost, but I will tell you this – UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR PLANS PAID FOR, SOMEONE WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM.

Enter to two million types of insurance and your lack of knowledge.  Most excuses I hear are that people don’t want to think about Life Insurance because it’s talking about death.  GET OVER IT.  YOU WILL DIE and yeah that sucks.  But what will really suck is when someone else dies and now you have to worry about paying the bill for the services while trying to grieve.  This part should scare you more.  You want to cry because your parent, spouse, sibling, or kid, just passed and you can’t even save for a rainy day – now you have to start writing checks your account can’t cash.  GOOD LUCK

Also, if you have family that will travel, they might not be in a financial position to fly home.  Much less take time off of work.  We had a lot of friends and family that were in this situation and I would’ve loved to say, “Here, we have some money that will help so you can heal.”

What about all the gas, the hotel rooms, the food…the list really can get long and you don’t even realize what is on it until it’s too late.  Most of us “normal” people don’t budget for these things.  Do you really think you’re going to cook for 20+ people when everyday you’re emotionally exhausted from answering, “How are you doing?” “How are you doing?” “I’m so sorry for your loss” “How are you doing?”

But I already have insurance through work!  Yep, until your company decides to do something different and you find yourself without that nice employee package.  Or what if you end up with years of hospital stays and eventually your company is no longer responsible for providing those benefits – now what?  You’re sick and can’t qualify for insurance, you have no personal policies…guess what?  Square one baby.

I am very fortunate as my Sister was able to pay the bill for this time round, but it taught me the humility of not taking care of my own Lemonade Stand like I should.

***Talk to an insurance agent or research, but your life insurance will get more expensive the older you get.  Go for it now, while you’re healthy.  Get some for your kids.  Tons of possibilities to fit every budget, but IF YOU DON’T MAKE IT A PRIORITY TODAY, THEN WHEN WILL YOU?