Don’t worry, no actual cheerleaders were harmed in the following musings…

“What we SEE depends mainly on what WE look for.” ~John Lubbock

We’ve all had those days where it seems nothing can go right.

Some people even feel that there must be some magical karma at work just to screw with us.  Like when you go into the grocery store and there is no one at checkout.  “Great!” and you run to grab that loaf of bread (THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO GET) and turnaround to find five people deep in each line.  It’s like everyone was hiding and waiting JUST FOR YOU.

Or how about the day you wake up late, there’s no milk for the kid’s breakfast, the Wife unit texts you a reminder about Little Miss’ backpack, while you’re trying to iron your shirt, answer questions about the upcoming weekend, while tripping over the dog, then the car isn’t starting, he can’t find a mitten, and oh yeah – you don’t know where your shoes are and why is there no coffee?


Some of that morning could have been prevented of course as told by those people that post Organization tips on Pinterest all the time.  #Whereismycoffee

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the woe is me attitude of life.  Besides, there is limited amount of time each day and sometimes I just want to blend into the couch.

But I can’t, others are still relying on me to uphold my end of the bargain.  So on these days (and even all of the others) I use motivational quotes to keep me going.  Don’t leave yet, I know it sounds cheesy but let me explain.

Just in case you’re wondering, there are no cheerleaders next to my bed in the morning shouting, “You can do it!” or “I like to move it, move it, you like to move it, move it!”

So Quotes become my internal motivator that keeps me going through the day.

  • “This too shall pass”
  • “God only gives you what you can handle”
  • “Use the force Luke”

Okay so the last one doesn’t really work, but strong in mind, is Yoda’s voice.

My mental Cheerleaders have been on a bender for a month now.  

My Internal Committee of the Mind has gone on vacation and my usual ability to cope with the harshness and frustration of life has pulled an Elvis.  (Read: “Has left the building”)

So I’ve been under a lot of stress with my Mom’s health condition, while still trying to cling on to routine for the kids and the incredible amount of work load I have to get caught up from being out part of January.

And my Cheerleaders are drunk, draped over the bleachers, hair all tossed about with puke stains on their uniforms.

I am having difficulty finding the positive as much and the “B” Squad has now come into my mind smacking their gum and act’n all you know, and like totally, and I knnnooooowwwww…


I’ve got to start digging for some new quotes or at least get that “Hangover” burger and some Bloody Mary’s for that first crew.

So while you’re thinking someone or something is out to get you, realize you have to figure out how to get your own cheerleaders back on the field, with the right rah-rah-rah and start to look for the good in everything around you.

Because while the world has been busy throwing everything it can at you, you’re still above ground.  And if today’s the worst day, OMG, tomorrow is going to be better, right?  Like totally.