So here it is.  You’ve been waiting for that “one thing” and every blog, article, and news channel have been talking about it.  So you read, you study and look for every thought that has ever been published on “it”.

And yet, you don’t get it.  Is it cryptically hidden in a 500 word blogger’s daily babble?  Did I not pay enough attention in school that my reading credentials don’t allow me to interpret?

A little confusing right?  “7 Ways to blah blah”, “How to blah blah blah”, “Why you’re not getting enough blah blah blah”

I tend to be a little over-read – LinkedIn Pulse is a great way for me to connect to my industry’s newest ideas, Facebook keeps me up to date with all of my friends and family’s routines and my 3 emial accounts will make sure I am attending to my squirrel brain.


Let’s back this off – What do I mean by “It”?

Today I want to lose weight…queue up every pill, process, excercise CD…

I want to be a better parent?  WOW, have you ever even thought to Google that!?

I can get a bigger WHAT!?  Spam folder, yep – that sounds creepy.

I want to … nevermind, just not worth the hours of links to links to links.

SO, how do I become a better human?  Let’s first start with the reality check – Do you even want to change?  We laugh, but really, do you want it.  Something that becomes such a priority that you lose yourself studying for it like that final exam.  You may not be listening right now though (still thinking about the size of my spam folder, right?)

YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT A PRIORITY.  Oh yeah, and it doesn’t happen like that combo meal – there’s no drive-thru and you can’t always get it your way.

I remember having a conversation with someone and they just wanted to move to another city.  I asked the simple question, why don’t you just do it?  Indignance dripping from their mouth, “But I don’t have enough money, they don’t pay me enough at my job.”  Would help if they weren’t at the bar 2-3 times a week, getting that daily whipped, non-fat, triple grande mocha with a sprinkle of hope every morning for 5 bucks.  You see, most of us make up an alibi or excuse on why we can’t do “it”.

So here you go – this blog ain’t gonna leave you hanging!

IT – Has to be priority that you’re willing to give up any comfort you have NOW, so that you can have IT after you’ve practiced, applied yourself, tapped all resources to learn from and have given enough TIME and ENERGY.

Wanna lose weight, then don’t worry about the WILDLY IMPORTANT GOAL of how much, but what does it take today to start that?  Wanna be a better lover, don’t worry about landing the hot super model, focus on YOU – clothes, attitude, presence and just get out and make friends.

That parenting thing?  Just simply LOVE.

We’re so caught up in that radio voice in our heads that we *think* we need the newest, unbelievable, “everyone’s doing it”, new craze, that we forget the most important part of change;

IT is actually YOU.